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About the Contact Lens Brands We Carry

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Our contact lens inventory is our best attempt at curating a “greatest hits” for contact lens wearers. From widely used, economical products and lines to highly specialized premium lenses, Queensway Optometric Centre has contact lenses with fit and suitability in mind.

In our contact lens exams and fittings, we note the curvature of your eye, your body’s response to potential lenses, and your desired lifestyle outcomes to match you with your contact lenses. Our brands sometimes have different highlights and benefits, so we’ll cover some of the essential points to help you narrow your choices at a fitting.

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Acuvue lenses come in a few highly sought after product lines. Aside from the regular and disposable Oasys products, famous for their hydraclear technology, there is now a special transition lens option for Oasys products.

Acuvue Oasys

Acuvue Oasys changed the game with the kind of comfort they provide. We’ve talked to patients who thought contacts just aren’t for them because of the irritation. But this contact lens features highly developed HYDRACLEAR PLUS Technology that can keep your eyes comfortably hydrated for many hours, even in drier climates. They’re great for nearsighted or farsighted patients, and they have a 2-week useful life, given great contact lens care.

Acuvue Oasys 1 Day

Taking the best of the regular Oasys lenses and turning them toward affordable disposability goes a long way for many of our patients. If you’re the type to use contact lenses occasionally but still look to avoid discomfort, these might be a good fit for you.

If you feel your eyes struggling with dry environments or contact lenses sometimes give you tired eyes, this product can take some of the stress out of it. Acuvue’s innovative HydraLuxe™ with tear-like properties keep your eyes moisturized all day, leaving you feeling comfortable and able to focus.

Acuvue Oasys with Transitions

Acuvue Oasys with Transitions are the next step in guiding us toward seamless brightness adaptation and near-complete (99%) UV light protection — while granting freedom from glasses and sunglasses. Just like their eyeglass lens counterparts, these light-reactive contact lenses adjust spontaneously to surrounding brightness and darken to allow comfortable levels of light through to your eye.

Because of the dangers of UV light, Acuvue Oasys with Transitions haven’t made sunglasses obsolete, but they can comfortably complement 100% UV filtering sunglasses for complete eye safety outdoors. Because of their hydrating comfort, non-disruptive appearance, and innovative design, they were named one of Time’s 2018 Inventions of the Year!

Bausch & Lomb

The company is a titan among the optometry products world, offering exceptional lines of eye health products. Their focus ranges from reliable single-vision contacts to specialized contacts for astigmatism and presbyopia. They even provide intraocular lenses and other eye surgery products.

 Bausch & Lomb PureVision2

Aergel is a patented material that works to repel protein buildup in your eyes while preserving moisture. It grants your eyes resistance to more extended workdays and increased digital screen time for personal and professional use. PureVision2’s month-long useful life makes them an excellent choice for digital device users of all ages.


Innovation is their mantra, even in such a competitive and visionary contact lens industry. In fact, how they design their products starts with how they approach business and even life. They think, talk, listen, and enjoy bringing products from ideation to the shelf.

clariti™ 1 day

Clariti 1 days offer outstanding oxygen transmission, so your eyes feel whiter and brighter. You can wear them all day without the choked feeling you can get with low oxygen transmissible lenses. The way they let oxygen through allows wearers to enjoy comfort with substantial moisture preservation, they’re affordably priced, and they even have a low level of UV protection.


Alcon provides innovative products yielding a better quality of life. They purvey the means to help people see better, and they’re set on finding the most efficient ways to do it. Alcon seeks to aid the contact lens wearer by making product lines fit for the changing needs of your lifetime.

Air Optix

Air Optix contact lenses feature comfort designs and oxygen permeability. Not only do they have conventional kinds, but some key specialty contact lenses, including multifocal and toric lenses.

Air Optix Night and Day

For some, taking contacts out, putting them in, and cleaning them in between can be a hassle. This 1-month disposable lens from Air Optix offers a great balance between day and night vision. Because of their leading oxygen permeability, they even open the way for some users to sleep in them. The FDA approval comes with a small caveat, though; you’re cleared to wear them day and night according to a schedule your optometrist recommends. But they’re great for preserving moisture despite a clear focus.

Multifocal Contact Lenses

vectored conceptual illustration of multifocal lens

We carry several products from competitive brands, so patients with presbyopia, an age-related difficulty with close-up vision, have a contact lens option. Good multifocal lenses offer gradual and smooth switches between the corrective powers you need.

Alcon AIR OPTIX® AQUA Multifocal

These exceptional contact lenses provide some of the smoothest shifts between corrective powers without sacrificing breathability, or hydration. They come in Air Optix’s silicone hydrogel materials so you can get the variable correction you need without significant discomfort.

Coopervision Biofinity® Multifocal Contact Lenses

Balanced Progressive™ technology allows patients to focus with ease and provides long-lasting, 30-day comfort. And their robust Aquaform® Technology makes oxygenating your cornea a priority, while your line of vision goes uninterrupted between the contacts’ differing zones.

Bausch & Lomb PureVision2® Multifocals

Balancing near work and far vision gets easy with their specialized 3-zone progressive design. With far vision ringing the edges and close-up powers correcting in the center, these contacts make comfort with simple and effective ease. They’ve also got thin, rounded edges, so they can become barely noticeable as you go about your day.

Ask for a Hand with Your Eyes

Oftentimes, a guiding hand from a health expert can grant you the reassurance and comfort you need. With our contact lens lines from trusted manufacturers, that principle goes double. If what we have on hand doesn’t do it for you, we can tap into our network to find something fit for your eyes only.

We take care in our contact lens exams and fittings, to account for all factors, not just your prescription. For patients roaming Mississauga and beyond, we can show you how step by step and set you up with a set that’s right for you! Book an appointment, and we’ll take it from there.

Written by Dr. Karen Stafford

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