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Matching the Perfect Frames to Your Face Shape in Mississauga

woman in beige grinning and trying on thin aviator eyeglasses

With so many brands and styles out there to choose from, knowing how to match the perfect pair of glasses frames to fit your face can be difficult. Our opticians have plenty of experience in shaping the style you like to your facial dimensions.

But many of the patients we set up with corrective eyeglasses simply have no idea what style suits their face. We’ve noticed some trends between frame style and face shape in our efforts to match people with the perfect pair of frames and lenses. We can recommend a style that doesn’t work against you, so your frames complement your profile.

Your Optician’s Role

Frames don’t always sit right on your nose bridge and temple when they come straight off the rack. Sometimes they need a little reshaping. Opticians are professionals who prepare and fit glasses for patients after an optometrist gives them a prescription. They have experience using tools to help them attain a snug fit with the glasses you bring them.

But if you ask them for some assistance in the choice, our opticians have been trained to help you choose a style that won’t take much work to reshape — and one that complements your natural good looks. Some styles will clash, so they can suggest a type that works for you rather than against you.

How Glasses Fit You

Your optician has their eye on a few factors when tailoring a pair of glasses to you.  In our experience, the fit should not be far off during the process of frame selection.


Fit is one of the most important factors for finding a pair of glasses you’ll love. First things first, you may want glasses that have a width within 2mm of the width of your head, from temple to temple. Your optician can take a sharp measurement here and advise whether you’ll want slightly wider or slightly thinner frames.

Generally speaking, small faces with unpronounced cheekbones really benefit from frames up to 2mm wider than their face width. People with square or heart-shaped faces might benefit from up to 2mm narrower.

Temple Length

The length of the glasses’ arms is called the temple length. From the folding joint, all the way to the part where the glasses reach past and around your ear, temple length matters. This end-part of the glasses is called their temple. Sometimes, opticians need to adjust this part.

Nose Pads or No?

A nose bridge rest integrated with the frame will slip on some facial types with smaller noses or flatter nose bridges. You may want to narrow your choices down to styles with adjustable-wire nose pads for these facial types. For people with well-defined nose bridges, it’s different. They can make a purely aesthetic choice between integrated nose rests or adjustable-wire nose pads.

How to Choose a Frame for Your Face Type

Circle-shaped, oval-shaped, and heart-shaped faces tend to go with box-shaped lenses. Square faces tend to match with oval or circular frames. Basically put, you might want to choose frames that are the opposite of your face shape. Balance seems to work wonders, in our experience. 

clear backlit glass rack with many stylish shapely and bold frames laid out

Round Face

Going for large, thick, and rectangular frames can accentuate the curves of this face shape. This look has become somewhat timeless as well, so you can always set yourself apart with solid dark colours and straight edges.

Oblong Face

This face type is wider than it is long. Because of this contrast, aviator frames come in handy. Aviators fill in some of the vertical space and accentuate the brows and cheekbones, especially. The material used for aviators tends to be bold metallic colours, thanks to a long tradition.

Triangular Face

Triangular faces have strong, pronounced jawlines that taper into narrow foreheads. Wider frame widths than the jaw really help balance this facial type, bringing the focus back to your eyes. With this type of face, tinted, translucent frames really come alive.

Oval Face

Thick, square, oversized frames with a well-defined border around the lenses tend to pop for this type. Cateye frames are known for wide and heavy shapes, detailing, and coloring along the brow line with minimal, thin material on the bottoms near the cheekbones. This style can also help to define the browline and, by extension, the eyes! Slim, rounded frames are in this year, and oval faces can really benefit from this style as well.

Diamond-shaped Face

Diamond faces are rarer than other types with wide cheekbones, but they have thin jawlines and foreheads. This face type benefits from cat eye types, and angular frames can magnify the natural edged contours of their faces.

Heart-Shaped Face

Horn-rims or aviators look great on people presenting a generous forehead and smaller chin. For people without this balance, aviators or horn-rims tend to be a little overbearing. Cateyes are also a great choice because of their resemblance to horn-rims.


We’ve noticed that many brands tend to have a flagship line that made them who they are today. These flagship lines tend to have a signature style, with bold and memorable shapes. Other brands really have a scattered and eclectic approach to the types of styles, so researching by brand can be less about frame shape and more about the name you want to put out there.

We did some research on some of the best styles of 2020 and found a few outliers. Chanel, Prada, Tom Ford, Maui Jim, Kate Spade, Gucci, Fendi, and Hugo Boss all have great styles to choose from. Whether timeless or trendy, browsing through them should reveal some distinct categories to select from.

Matchmaking With Some Help

If you research some of the trending brands and find some styles to get you started, that’s a good start. With all that said, you might still be looking in the mirror, scratching your head, and wondering, “is this a triangle or a diamond?” But our opticians can definitely help you classify your face shape and classify available frames to show you, matchmaking for your ideal and shape combination. Contact us today, and let us show you how!

Written by Lareina Yeung

Dr. Yeung graduated with her Honours Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Optometry degrees from the University of Waterloo in 2003. Upon graduation, she joined the team at Queensway Optometric Centre. In addition to her work at Queensway Optometric Centre, Dr. Yeung served on the Board of Directors for the Ontario Association of Optometrists (OAO) for seven years, where she chaired and participated in various committees. She spent her final year at the OAO as Vice President.

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