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Mississauga, Ontario

Emergency Eye Care

Your vision is key to your overall quality of life, so you don’t want to risk losing it. Even a small injury can have serious consequences. If you have an ocular emergency, call Queensway Optometric Centre at (905) 848-2020. We can see patients for emergency appointments on short notice, so please don’t wait!

If the emergency occurs outside of office hours, please present yourself to the nearest emergency room.

You should seek immediate assistance if you are experiencing:

  • Warped vision
  • Tunnel vision
  • Sudden vision loss
  • Eye pain
  • A sudden shower of floaters
  • A sudden onset of flashes
  • Sudden, unrelenting blurring of your vision
  • Visual disturbances
  • Corneal abrasion
  • Chemical contact
  • A foreign object in your eye
  • Significant discharge from your eye

Common Eye Emergencies

Some eye injuries happen more frequently than others. Queensway Optometric Centre is dedicated to keeping you and your eyes healthy. Here are a few first aid steps you should take if you experience any of these common eye emergencies.

Chemical Contact

Our eyes are incredibly sensitive. If anything gets in our eyes, it can cause irritation and even damage. Should you get any chemicals in your eyes, make sure you flush your eyes immediately. Using the nearest source of cool, clean water, flush your eye for at least 15 minutes.

Even if your eyes begin to feel better after only a few minutes, it is imperative that you continue to flush for the entire fifteen minutes so you can be sure all residual traces of the chemical have been washed away from your eyes and ocular area. Any chemical traces that remain can cause damage later.

Your cornea is the front surface of your eye, the thin film that covers your iris and pupil. Like other areas of your eye, it is incredibly delicate and can be easily damaged. A scratch or impact can make your eye vulnerable to infection.

If you experience a corneal abrasion, do not rub your eye. This may make the situation worse by moving the debris around and causing more damage. Instead, gently rinse your eye with clean, cool water to remove any debris and then seek professional medical attention immediately.

If there is an object embedded in your eye do not rub your eye or attempt to remove the object as this may cause further damage. Instead, proceed to the nearest hospital immediately.

If there is a loose object trapped between your eyelid and your eye, or resting on the surface of your eye you should avoid rubbing your eye. Instead, you should attempt to dislodge the object by flushing your eye with clean, cool water. Once you dislodge the object, seek medical attention. You should not try to remove the object using your fingers or a pair of tweezers, as this may cause further damage. If you cannot remove the object by flushing your eye seek medical attention immediately.

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Our practice is conveniently located across the street from the Trillium Health Partners Mississauga Hospital.

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Sometimes you need to see the optometrist right away. If you have an ocular emergency, call our office at (905) 848-2020. We can see patients for emergency appointments on short notice, so please don’t wait!